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3 Truck Accident Facts

Were you or a loved one injured in a truck wreck? Check out these 3 truck accident facts for guidance, then call our Gilbert lawyers today.

Truck Accident Claim Value

\"3The question often comes up, “If I’m involved in a trucking accident, how do I determine the value of my case?” In fact, the other day, a trucking accident victim called our law firm and spoke to one of our attorneys, and here’s what our attorney explained. Normally, an injury case can be worth more money involving a trucking accident if it’s handled properly, and that’s a big if.

As the attorney explained, because there’s typically a lot more insurance coverage involved, trucking companies fight these claims much harder. They’re much more into not disclosing information that would help you and hurt them. That’s what they, quite frankly, see as their role most of the time. Remember, you have loved ones that may have serious injuries and they’re recuperating – they may have been killed. You’re bereaving.

While that’s going on, give us a call. We can be working on the legal end while you’re grieving or focusing on physical recovery. We’ll recommend some great experts that can help you in all those areas. As far as what the value of that case ultimately is, early on, one of our attorneys could give you some kind of estimate, but we only really have a clear picture of that as your injuries recover or as we find out more information about the bad things that trucking company may be guilty of. That can raise the value of your case substantially, so give us a call. One of our attorneys will be happy to analyze your particular situation and let you know at least a range of what your case may be worth. As the case progresses, we can give you a better idea.

Call us early. Don’t call us late. There’s a lot we can do if you’ve messed up your case, so to speak. Call us. The call is free, the information is free, and we really are here for you.

Truck Accident Settlement Offer

The question comes up, if you’re involved in a serious truck accident in Arizona, is it a good idea or ever a good idea to accept the insurance company’s first offer? We get clients in that situation all the time. Just the other day, someone called our office and spoke to one of our attorneys about it. This is what our attorney advised – of course, that was specific to their case, and that’s why you need to call and have one of our attorneys analyze your specific situation. I think the information in general can be useful to you, as well.

When an insurance company is in a hurry to get you to settle your claim, that should be a clue to you that it’s going to be favorable to the insurance company and most likely unfavorable to you. If an insurance adjuster says, “Hey, here’s a check for $3,000. We’ll cover $6,000 in medical bills, but I need to know if I can overnight the check to you this afternoon?” Before you say yes, say, “Hmm, I just need to think about this for a couple days,” and then, in the case of the people who called our law firm, call us and we’ll go through everything with you. Most of the time, almost 90% of the time, after analysis by one of our attorneys, you’ll find out that that is a bad offer, a bad deal, and you would end up getting ripped off.

Of course, the insurance adjuster is either going to imply or say, “Pay now and you don’t have to lose a third of your pay to an attorney,” but you should still call us. If we can’t do a better job than what they’re offering, one of our attorneys will tell you that and say, “Okay, fine,” but that’s rarely the case. What you’ll find out instead is that if your case is properly developed, you get the top medical care and everything is done properly. The trucking company is investigated. If they’ve got a bad safety record, that becomes part of the case. If everything is accounted like that, our law firm is typically going to get a lot more money in your pocket, and they know that. That’s why they’re in a rush to have you settle.

Call us first, and make sure that doesn’t happen to you. One of our attorneys will be happy to review whatever offer you’ve been given and analyze it. There are a few cases, rare as they are, where you’re not really seriously injured and that first offer might not be a terrible thing. At least get checked out medically and make sure that’s the case. Then one of our attorneys will say, “Sure, go ahead,” but that’s very rare. Remember, the call is free, the information is free, and it can be priceless. It can make the difference between tens of thousands and even potentially millions of dollars in your case, so don’t forget to call us. We really are here for you.

Wrongful Death Truck Accident

This is a question that, unfortunately, many families face when they lose a loved one due to the carelessness or recklessness of a commercial truck driver. Nationwide, that happens to thousands of families a year, and it happens fairly regularly in Arizona, unfortunately. When that happens, the question then becomes, “I lost my loved one because of that driver, because they were texting instead of driving,” or “They were looking at the screen over here, and doing whatever, instead of paying attention straight ahead. Can the driver be sued along with the company?” The answer is absolutely yes. We’ve had that situation pop up, and our attorneys will advise you that that is a classic situation, where, yes, our attorneys are going to go after the driver who cost the life of your loved one.

Call us in a situation like that because not only can we refer you to some incredibly helpful grief support groups but we can also work on the legal side of the case while your family is recovering emotionally.

Call us, and we’ll make some referrals to people who have been through the exact same situation that you are going through right now, and that makes all the difference. Remember, if you’ve lost a loved one because of a truck driver’s moment of inattention or worse, we will get you to some wonderful people who have been through the same thing and can help you emotionally while we’re taking care of your case legally. Call us. The call is free, the information is free. Call us, because we hope you can feel that we really are here for you.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a crash and have questions about these 3 wrongful death facts? Contact experienced Gilbert Truck Accident Lawyers at Free Injury Legal Advice today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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