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– Gabriel O.

“They are awesome! My sister in-law had a serious problem with a hospital after she gave birth and they were really detailed in explaining our options and best course of action. I definitely recommend them!”

– Zack G.

“I have a had the pleasure or working with Scott Richardson, Kelly and the team at Free Injury Legal Advice. I can confidently say they have the best interest of their clients in mind and that Scott goes the extra mile, working with doctors, specialists, medical billing and whatever support is needed for their clients full recovery.”

– Don W.

“Scott, Gary, and the team not only help you get the best insurance settlement possible, they also work with doctors and car repair companies. If the insurance co doesnt get you a rental car, the repair facility can loan you one. Highly recommended!”

– Malia N.

“My sisters and I were rear ended on our way to school and I banged my head on the side window and was scared. My mom called free injury Legal advice and they were able to get me a settlement so that I could put some money away for college. Now that I am applying to colleges, I am so grateful that they were able to get me a settlement so that I could afford to go to school. I highly recommend them.”

– Morgan N.

“I was in a car accident and I called Scott.He instantly made me feel comfortable and even suggested I go to a physical therapist near my house.I was scared because I didn’t have insurance, but he made sure they held the bill until my case settled.Thank you,Scott for helping me.I highly recommend you to anyone in an accident.”

– Anonymous

“I’ve been working with them for the past few years on one of my accident cases and I refer all my friends and family and they’ve helped every single one of them. I highly recommend them.”

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Your Dedicated Team

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another in an accident, let us fight for you by forcing the other party to face their responsibilities. While financial compensation can never make you whole, it can relieve much of the stress involved after the accident!

Scott Richardson

Executive Director

Attorney Pedro Simpson

Attorney Pedro Simpson has a lot of trial experience. He began his legal career as a prosecutor. He speaks Spanish. His mother is Hispanic, and his father was in the Special Forces in the Army. He graduated with 3 undergraduate degrees and earned a master’s degree in computer systems Engineering with an emphasis in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Pedro started his law practice in 1995 handling personal injury cases from the beginning. Early on, he handled a big trucking accident case where the tractor trailer clipped a 4 door Nissan on a rainy wet road, causing the Nissan to spin out in front of the tractor trailer which almost ran over them. Pedro got the maximum policy limits for all of the victims.
Pedro also takes cases for people who have been victimized and cannot hire a lawyer. He took a case of an elderly woman, Pat in a wheelchair and oxygen who was swindled by her dishonest pastor who she trusted. Her trusted pastor took advantage of her by taking her without her glasses to a notary public and told her to sign some papers. It turned out that she had just unknowingly signed the deed to her house, her only property!
Pedro entered the suit against the dishonest pastor who was trying to evict Pat from her home (he had victimized other elderly members of the congregation as well). Pedro revealed the fraud committed by her dishonest pastor. The crooked pastor lied about what had happened, but finally had to give back the house he had swindled her out of. The crooked pastor got mad at Pedro for exposing his fraud. However, Pedro was so happy for this lady because before she died, she was finally able to hold the deed to her house in her hand to give it to her God son!
In another case where a single mom with 3 kids could not hire a lawyer, Pedro took her case where this single mom had gone to pay a water bill to turn the water back on, and had temporarily left her oldest child, an 11-year-old to babysit her sister and their youngest 2 and a half year old brother. The toddler wandered outside the front yard, and a neighbor spotted the child and called the police.
The Phoenix police showed up and entered the house. They kicked in a door and dragged the kids into the living room to interrogate them, frightening the kids to death. The police charged this single mom with a class four felony of child abuse. The prosecutor wanted to throw this single mom into jail and separate her from her children. Pedro succeeded in finally getting the entire case against her dismissed completely! And Pedro did it out of the goodness of his heart. This single mother didn’t need to pay Pedro any money for keeping her with her children and out of jail. That’s the kind of attorney that Pedro is!

Scott Richardson is the CEO and Executive Director of and the Law Offices of Pedro A. Simpson, PLLC.

While not an attorney, Scott Richardson has over 30 years of legal experience in personal injury.
Scott is also extremely well versed on the latest medical technologies that help our clients recover physically and recover financially from collisions.
Scott and go way beyond the extra mile for clients. Here’s a true story that shows who Scott is and what he does for our clients.
After Being Rammed in a Snow Storm by a Semi , Scott saved My Life! — Miguel
I was in a van in a sudden snow storm on a freeway in Northern Arizona. It was hard to see so we slowed down. Suddenly, a huge semi truck going very fast slammed into the back of our van, killing my friends and leaving me struggling to breathe, barely alive.
I was flown by helicopter to a trauma center and they did the best they could to patch up my crumpled body and keep me alive.
After a long time, they finally discharged me from the hospital. However, my injuries were so severe that my urethra had been totally severed and no surgeon could make it work again so they just stuck a tube into my abdomen, into my bladder. That’s the only way I could pee.
So I had a tube sticking out from my stomach to pee. But the tube kept getting more and more infected until finally the doctors told me that unless I could get an operation to reattach my urethra, I was going to die because they couldn’t stop the infections.
That’s when I met Scott. Scott was already representing the families of my friends from my hometown who had been killed. I saw how much Scott was doing to help those families. I was living in Florida and I had hired a lawyer in Florida, but he wasn’t helping me hardly at all.
So I asked Scott’s law firm to represent me. He said that he would be happy to help me. Now I will let Scott tell you what happened next–how he kept me from dying and saved my life! Yes, I would not be alive today and have kids if I had not had Scott come into my life! I will let Scott tell you the rest of the story.
HERE’S OUR I SAVED MIGUEL FROM DYING (and made him part of my family)
When I met Miguel by phone from Florida, he told me that he had been in the hospital more and more often from the infections that were attacking his body through the opening in his stomach.
I talked to his urologist and his urologist told me that if we couldn’t find a way to reattach his urethra then he was going to die sooner rather than later from the infections that they were having a hard time stopping.
I asked Miguel’s urologist if he could do the operation to reattach Miguel’s urethra and the urologist said: “No way. There was way too much damage and the surgery would be very risky and wouldn’t likely be successful anyway.”
I then called other top urologists in Florida but they told me they wouldn’t touch Miguel with a 10-foot pole!
So I told Miguel that I was going to put him on a plane and fly him out to Arizona and he could live in my guest house as my guest until we could find a urologist that would be willing to do the surgery that no other urologist in Florida was willing to do.
Miguel did come and stay in my guest house for 11 months. He became a part of our family with my wife and kids helping to feed him and look after him.
Meanwhile, I had Miguel visit the best urologists we could find in Phoenix. At first they all said exactly the same thing as the urologists in Florida. There was was too much damage and it was way too risky to do the operation and they wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t even try!
However, finally I contacted the top urologist at the Mayo Clinic. Normally they never treat accident victims. However I persuaded this top urologist to see Miguel and after he did, he said that he was probably the only urologist in Arizona and maybe in the US who would be willing to do the operation and see if it was successful. I told him that I and Miguel were very grateful that he would be willing to try.
You already know how the story turned out: the operation was a success and Miguel’s life was saved. Miguel went back to Florida and eventually got married and had some fine happy children. None of that would have been possible unless Miguel had contacted me. I literally saved his life and he is very grateful especially around holidays when he sends me pictures of his kids


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Chronic Headaches


Confusion/Inability to Focus

Short Term Memory Loss

Loss of Balance/Vertigo


One Phone Call Away

You are always one phone call away from our team of Gilbert injury lawyers who are armed with years of experience waiting to help you find the justice that you need in order to get relief for the damages that you have had to suffer through.

When you call us, we are happy to take your call. You will be able to speak directly to one of our lawyers to discuss what you went through.
We hope you call right away to set up your free initial consultation. You will then be able to sit down and discuss the details of your claim and receive invaluable free injury legal advice.
We will outline the process of your claim and give you guidance on what needs to happen next.

Getting Immediate Medical Care

The success of your case hinges on your physical and emotional recovery. You need to seek urgent medical care. You can visit an emergency room or urgent care center to get the immediate treatment that your injuries need.

When we determine the value of your claim, we cannot have a clear answer to how much you are owed until we get information about your medical treatments.
Get yourself in front of a doctor right away to get the care that you deserve.
We will take into account everything that you have gone through when we are valuing your claim.

Client's Review

I highly recommend working with Free Injury Advice. Scott and Kelly are thorough and quick to respond. They make sure to explain the process and will answer any questions. I appreciate that they made sure I had the best medical care needed

Sarah Patterson

The staff at free injury advice has been amazing from the very 1st phone call.. Kelly has always been so attentive and informative and step-by-step has walked me through the whole process and has always reassured me in any of my questions or doubts. Free Injury advice is an amazing firm to have on your side.

Karen A Gonzalez

I had no idea what I was going to do after my car accident which totaled my car and got injured as well. I gave these guys a call and it was all downhill. They handled everything from starting my appointments, walking me through and

alan sanchez

Kelly was amazing! She was always responsive when I was looking for an update and she kept me in the loop when new Information was available. She worked really hard to get me the most out of my settlement. I highly recommend working with Kelly and the entire team at

Rita Villasaez

The professionals at Free Injury Advice did an amazing job working on my wife and I accident case. They were very friendly and kept us informed all the time. We got the best result we could get. I highly recommend the professionals of Free Injury Advice. Thank you

Juan Mora

I want to thank Kelly for all of her support and knowledge, and above all she treated me with a lot of respect. She worked hard for my case and overall she’s a very, very nice person. I was always informed and my case was settled quickly. I highly recommend them.

Jaime chavez

Absolutely loved having Kelly Nelson as my attorney! She was very responsive and kept me updated with everything I needed to know throughout the process! Thank you, Kelly! I will definitely refer you to anyone I know that may need an accident lawyer.

ItsLuvlee Dai

The team members at Free Injury Advice were so helpful after my car accident. Each of them were readily available to answer my questions and explain my options and possible outcomes. They were knowledgeable and efficient, and had my best

Connie McCormick

One of the best in the valley ! I wanna give a special shout-out to Kelly for helping me out throughout the whole process and guiding me on every step of the way. Would definitely recommend them to my family and friends !

jonathan cruz

My sisters and I were rear ended on our way to school and I banged my head on the side window and was scared. My mom called free injury advice and they were able to get me a settlement so that I could put some money away for college

Malia Nelson

I appreciate Kelly, she was super responsive...had some Dr issued she cracked that whip and amazing Dr called me. If any questions I had, Kelly answered them Swiftly in a Timely matter. Thanks again for the hard work!

John Santos

Scott and Kelly have been very helpful and have done a great job. Or only for myself but for friends and family that have been referred. Totally recommend their service!

alexis montijo

Lisa and Scott are the best. They get the largest settlements possible, especially for brain injuries, as they have specialized knowledge about the tests that should be done and work with the right doctors.

Don Witt

I’ve been working with them for the past few years on one of my accident cases and I refer all my friends and family and they’ve helped every single one of them. I highly recommend them


I totally recommend this company, I put our case on their hands they handle it it the right way. I'll use this Lawfirm again in future. Thanks for everything.

Mylan Chavez. Lian Chavez

The team was incredible! Made such a great difference hiring them

Tim Fountas

I been working with them for a few years & I been recommending them with my friends

arletta Avilez

Quick response to emails. Very kind and friendly when answering questions.

Vera Stevens

Very professional and understanding and always there to help you!

Tyler Chamberlin

This guy pays attention to all of the details that are important to me. Great Attorney and Swell Guy.

Craig Darling

Responsive and professional. Cares about each client.

Tammy Niebling

profesional very helpful on every question

Manuel Hernandez

Thank you for helping me with my accident. I will recommend you to other people. Thank you for everything.

Rafael Navarrete

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Christopher Fernandez

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Yalit Verduzco


Oralia Quintero


Morgan Nelson


Ramiro Marquez

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Angelwings_15 Crespin


Bianca Solis

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Hank Pelley

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Terrasa Carroll

Gilbert Injury Lawyers


Because of our team’s experience, there is almost nothing we haven’t seen or handled before. We utilize all of the knowledge and years of practice to bring our community justice. We have handled so many cases successfully and we want to be able to bring you that same justice. Regardless of who was responsible for your accident, you deserve to bring your claim.
We want to be able to help you identify the liable party in your claim, and guide you through the claim process to bring you justice.
With the knowledge we have collected throughout our collective careers of protecting the rights of our community, we have learned what makes these cases difficult. We have learned how to navigate the hardest parts of these claims and we will take all of this knowledge and use it to bring you justice.
We are a highly client-focus practice and we care about you as a person. You are more than a file number. You are someone whose rights have been violated and we can help you defend your rights and recover the relief that you need to aid in your recovery.

Find Out What Your Case Is Worth

FreeInjuryLegalAdvice got me $367,000 – Julieta F.

I couldn't find Scott's business card, so I called another law firm first and they just referred me to a chiropractor, even though we had been rear ended by a highway patrolman at 55 mph. When I finally found Scott's business card, I called him and he immediately arranged for me to see an orthopedic surgeon and a doctor who specializes in treating concussions and brain injuries, because I continued to have splitting headaches. My prior attorney and doctors didn't tell me I suffered a concussion until Scott referred me to doctors who specialized in brain injuries. If I had just stayed with a chiropractor, I might have only settled my case for $30,000. But Scott and the legal team got me $367,000.

FreeInjuryLegalAdvice got me $100,000 – Richard L.

I was already injured and in poor health before my car wreck. When I talked to Scott he asked me if I was suffering headaches that I didn't have before the accident. I said, "yes" and he referred me to a great orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with a concussion and ordered some tests to prove it.
Even though the insurance company on the other side was the same as my insurance company, my insurance company did not want to pay for my injuries because they said that I was already injured before the collision, and that was true. However, Scott proved to my insurance company that the concussion was brand new and caused by the latest car wreck. So after collecting all of the insurance from the other driver, my own insurance company paid me another $100,000 on top of it. I was very happy.


We’ll get you more money in your pocket, even after our legal fees are accounted for, than you would by dealing with the insurance company directly yourself. Here’s how:
We get you the top medical care and refer you to doctors who are experienced in medical-legal cases. Your family doctor and the vast majority of doctors are not familiar with medical-legal terminology and procedures.
We make sure that all of your injuries are properly documented and treated so that you get better faster, and we get the maximum compensation for you! This often involves high-tech medical treatment which is often not even known to most primary care doctors.
We’ll get you MORE money for pain and suffering!
The statistics show that people who hire an attorney get 3 1/2 times more money than people who don’t!

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